Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'The Seasons' -- dancing through the storm

OK, the Great Deluge of 2014 is presumably on the way. Don't let it make you miss "The Seasons," an hour-long piece Martha Connerton has choreographed for her Kinetic Works company. It starts Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Halton Theater on the CPCC campus, near the intersection of Kings Drive and Elizabeth Avenue.

Connerton has had a canny idea. She figures it may be hard to get people to commit to a midweek ballet performance, even one with colorful and witty costumes and Alexander Glazunov's tuneful score. So she has given us multiple reasons to go.

WCNC meteorologist Larry Sprinkle will make a guest appearance. (Not dancing, though perhaps predicting the length of the rain.) At 6 p.m., EcoFab Trash Couture will give a fashion show of recycled and adapted garments in the lobby. At 6:30, classical guitarist Aris Quiroga and puppeteer Drew Allison (of Grey Seal) will perform. After the ballet, performers will come to a dessert reception at 8 p.m.

The whole evening, reception included, costs exactly nothing, although the company encourages donations. (In good conscience, how could you not make one?) Seize your umbrella, your waders, a flatboat if necessary and sail down to CPCC -- or check out Connerton's website here.


Unknown said...

Will this event be aired? Please let Larry Sprinkle know his time and support was very appreciated! -Tracy Walker