Friday, February 13, 2015

"Fifty Shades of Grey" -- an inspiration to us all

Movie parodies appear nowadays as soon as trailers hit the Internet, sometimes even as soon as a film gets announced. But I have never seen people react as quickly and savagely as they have for "Fifty Shades of Grey," a picture that has triggered innumerable mashups and knockoffs. The one starring Steve Buscemi seems to have gotten ahead of the pack:

Or perhaps you'd prefer "Fifty Shades of Frozen:"

Or the take by Ellen DeGeneres, who does a lot of fake trailers for films:

There's also a short film called "Fifty Shades of Grey Gardens," in which Christian Grey tries to evict Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' relatives from a decrepit mansion on "Long Island." I'm still waiting for "Fifty Shades of The Grey," in which man-eating wolves chase the young lovers around until Liam Neeson saves them (thanks to my friend Matt Brunson for that idea) and "Fifty Shades of Gru," in which the hero of "Despicable Me" -- who is rich, domineering and generous, after all -- ties up female Minions and has his way with them. Or do Minions even have a gender?

The original movie, which opens today nationwide, is a turgid story of dominance and submission that doesn't raise the erotic temperature in the theater one degree. But anything that inspires wit in others, however witless it may be itself, can't be all bad.


Anonymous said...

So pop culture is worthless. Move on, nothing new here, just the usual media frenzy of trying to make something BIG from nothing.

Mark Caplan said...

The last picture I saw that raised the erotic temperature in the theater was THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION, in 1957. Sophia Loren played Juana.

Anonymous said...

To Mark Caplan: Yeah, but you also had to watch Frank Sinatra playing a Spanish peasant with a Hoboken accent.

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